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I'll always remember that. I just had my final exam today. Let's just listen. Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them. You have to raise your hand if you want to speak at the meeting. They needed to trade with them for food. We need some more information. I suggested to Terri that he shouldn't trust Rainer so much. Every dog is entitled to one bite.

In space, all warriors are cold warriors. Do you think Louis is good-looking? I don't want him to get the wrong impression. I should give you a word of advice. Milk is made into butter. It appears to me that she feels much better today. My education has made me what I am. Alejandro went out with a group of co-workers.

You seem to have mistaken me for my older brother. I gripped your arm until it reddened. I missed this appointment once again! I am convinced of your innocence. A professor is teaching Czech. "Were you friends with Syd in high school?" "Not exactly." You've never told us how you met Raymond. That man is French. Are you and your sister, too?

Actually it isn't a theory of mine. Case misses Boston. I'm not messing around. He tried to comfort her, but she kept crying. I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.

From space, the world looks very small. Did you receive any compensation for the damaged luggage? I bet Daniele forgot. Have you already been to the Korean Peninsula?

"Do you think he will come?" "I hope not." She left the room and went outside. It's in pencil so you can rub it out if you need to. Harvey is wearing a nametag. Merril insisted on his innocence. Were you able to make it to the station on time to catch the first train this morning? Please give me a little more tea. All I want is peace and quiet. Are you going to quit your job?

I didn't have very many visitors.

Mysore is as fast as a leopard. This car handles well. The city was taken by the English in 1664.

The way that woman goes on with men shocks me.

Godspeed! I'll be gone for a while.

Didn't you go out? My father and I nursed my sister back to health after her accident. Ernest would be very proud of you. What an idiot he was! Just download the app, install it, and run it. It's as easy as that! I'd like a cup of coffee, please. Hsi wouldn't mind if Piotr gained a few pounds. Between a rock and a hard place. We'll do the same for you. Thomas A. Edison so loves his work that he sleeps an average of less than four hours of each twenty-four.

Should I get him for you? Rupert's eyes weren't yet accustomed to the dark, so he couldn't see a thing. I'm planning to study tonight. For all his genius, he is as unknown as ever.

I don't think we'd have any chance of winning. Hazel should be here by now. The army forced him to resign.

The rationale behind certain New Age treatments can be dangerously wrong.

The children sang songs. He and I have been friends since childhood. We're quite safe. I don't think he knows I love you. Give me fire.

When will his new novel come out? There's a reason why we're the best at what we do. Please don't ask Helge. Is there a treatment? Erik is disrespectful. Lyndon didn't even know Rudy had left. The lawyer's fee was very high. Who exactly were they? It is necessary to have a license to drive a car.

You'll receive a notice in a few days. Let me in. The tattered covers of Rich's copy of The Flowers of Evil showed that the book had been read and reread several times. I've got a squeaking noise in my brand new car, and do you think I can find where it's coming from? Thanks for staying with Pierce.

Carl is a childhood friend.

Vice kept me waiting thirty minutes. Felix's answer was quick and to the point. I don't like your patronising tone. With her extravagant tastes, she was incapable of making ends meet. They tell you this. Dennis has a strange way of speaking. Perhaps you have misunderstood the aim of our project.